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The Mid-century Modern Color Palette

Starting around 70 years ago, Mid-century modern design has withstood the test of time. Often, when one thinks of “mid-century modern style”, they may associate it with clean lines, simplicity, and timeless geometric shapes. All of these features are important in what has allowed the style to maintain its popularity for so long, however, one thing is often overlooked: color. Although mid-century modern leaves room for a wide range of colors, there is a predominately used palette that aids in fully achieving that straight-out-of-the-60s look. Here are the four colors you should incorporate in your home for that perfectly put together mid-mod look:

Earthy, brown hues:

Adding central pieces of furniture made of wood or with a brown color is a vital starting point. Using shades of brown will allow you to incorporate more vibrant pops of color later on without overdoing it. When sunlight hits a rich piece of wood furniture such as the table below, it will take center stage of the space.

Shades of Grey:

 Similarly to brown shades, greys work as neutral colors that keep the continuity of a simplistic design while allowing contrasting vibrant colors to really pop. The addition of a charcoal grey such as the painted wall below celebrates the absence of color whilst making a big statement.

 Avocado Green:

Colors such as avocado green and wasabi provide unique color to a space without being overpowering and they pair well with other popularly used mid-mod colors in a subtle, effortless way. The room in the photo below is a wonderful example of how to incorporate green throughout a space in an eloquent way. Also linked is an arm chair of the same color to your own home.

Citrus Tones:

A room of minimalistic neutral furniture is beautiful, but add a few citrus-colored pieces and your guests will be captivated. The addition of a bright yellow or orange hue only furthers warms the room up, especially when contrasted with a stark grey such as the fiberglass chairs in the light, airy room pictured below. Grab a similar set in the following link from Jus’ Mid-century Modern Consignment.