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Why Design With Mid-Century Modern Antiques?

Today more than ever, Midcentury Modern design is being implemented everywhere: homes, offices, restaurants. There’s no denying that people are captivated by the sleek, eloquent style of this design. Peruse any furniture retailer today and you will almost certainly come across a tapered-leg dresser composed of exposed wood, an earth-tone colored armchair with an angular silhouette, or a shag rug made of vibrantly colored fibers. These pieces, however, are anything but “Mid-century”, being that they were likely made within the past decade. If it’s genuine Midcentury Modern furniture that you’re after, authenticated antiques are the way to go.

Often, consumers in search of a Midcentury modern piece are in awe of the beauty that a vintage piece of furniture encompasses- that is until they flip over the price tag and begin a search of its reproductions. Although inexpensive, these products pale in comparison to a genuine piece.

So, why are antiques so highly priced? And why are they worth such a pretty penny?

Ergonomics and High-Quality Materials of the Mid-20th Century

Although the price tag on a mass-produced piece of Mid-Century Modern inspired furniture is appealing, they often show wear and tear soon after purchase. Oppositely, antiques from well over 50 years ago, such as the Adrian Pearsall lounge chair pictured below, have withstood the test of time.

The reason for this is no mystery; Mid-Century antiques were carefully crafted by skilled artisans and made of the richest lumber, strongest metals, and the finest vinyl and leather. Furniture stores today are failing to replicate the durability of these antiques likely because they’re made by mass-producing machines and with low-grade materials.

A Limited Supply

Because the supply of furniture from previous decades is at a limited number compared to modern, factory-produced furniture, the worth of antique pieces has risen. Many would argue, though, that to have unique furniture, such as the rare set of Rotocast chairs pictured below, in their home is utterly priceless. And if you grow tired of a piece or simply change your mind, there is a plentiful collectors’ market awaiting the sale of said item.

In the quest for a Mid-Century Modern living space, it is important to consider the benefits of an antique. If luxurious, long-lasting furniture is what your home is missing, skip the retail store and search for a local consignment shop. You’ll thank yourself ten years from now when you’re still sitting comfortably on a sofa from the 50s, sharing meals around a retro dining table, or relaxing on a plush vintage lounge chair.

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